Start “X” Program by Meta Pack and Control: Providing Fuel for Startup Dreams

On January 8, 2024, Meta Pack and Control launched the ‘Start X’ program, a significant commitment to supporting emerging startups by introducing this initiative, providing eligible startup sectors with a complimentary package worth 5 Lakhs for one year or up to 10,000 customers, accompanied by a comprehensive consultation program for guidance. The name “Start X” reflects Meta Pack and Control’s forward-thinking approach, aiming to empower startups in an environment increasingly focused on the metaverse concept.

CEO Sreedeep Srattil emphasized the company’s commitment to providing straightforward, flexible solutions for companies of all sizes during the memorable launch event. Positioned as a vital resource for entrepreneurs, “Start X” is consistent with Meta Pack and Control’s objective to have a long-lasting influence on the startup ecosystem. Beyond just offering a product, it’s about creating an atmosphere that allows startups to grow, innovate, and make a significant impact on the business landscape.

With the focus on the metaverse concept right now, Meta Pack and Control’s strategic alignment makes them stand out as a player that can adapt to changing business needs through advanced technology. The team enthusiastically participated in the launch event, advocating ‘Start X’ as a major advancement for Meta Pack and Control. “Start X,” which emphasizes flexibility and creativity, appears as a glimmer of hope for startups as they navigate the complexity of the fast-growing market. It is well-positioned to support startups’ aspirations and accomplishments, ensuring their survival and even growth in the ever-changing business environment. Meta Pack and Control’s ‘Start X’ initiative demonstrates the company’s dedication to promoting creativity and durability within the startup sector.

They provide long-term customer plans through the Software as a Service (SaaS) model, uphold a well-organized business ecosystem, and improve brand reputation. With no initial outlay of funds or investment, the subscription-based model guarantees cost-effective features. A number of advantages are available to startups through the recently launched “Start X” program. For a year, or up to 10,000 customers, qualifying startups can receive a complimentary package valued at Rs.5 lakh. Apart from funding, “Start X” functions as a consulting program that offers direction to help these new companies flourish.

The active participation of CEO and other key staff members in the launch event underlines the significance of ‘Start X’ for Meta Pack and Control. Their enthusiasm reinforces Meta Pack and Control’s role as a catalyst for positive change in the startup ecosystem. In a business world full of challenges, ‘Start X’ emerges as a great partner for those embarking on the competitive journey of entrepreneurship. The program’s focus on adaptability and innovation aligns with contemporary requirements for success.


Managing Director Muhammad Shahjad reaffirmed Meta Pack and Control’s dedication to providing businesses with improved goods and services as he wrapped up the event. Packages from the company are more than just problem-solving aids; they are tactical instruments that help companies grow and simplify operations.

Meta Pack and Control’s recent announcement of a new office and the launch of the “Start X” program, all together represent a significant turning point in the company’s history that aligns with their commitment to advancement, creativity, and inspiring leadership. In the fast-paced business world of today, the company is prepared to be a dependable partner, ensuring that companies prosper and leave a lasting impression.                   

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